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Cake Flavors

Chocolate Fudge

Swiss Chocolate

Vanilla Bean

Yummy Yellow

Wedding White



Snicker Doodle

Sweet Lemon

The Sprinkle

Banana Nut

Black Forest


Cherry Almond

Cookie Crumble



Pink Champagne

Pink Passion

Pumpkin Spice

Royal Red Velvet

Gluten Free Vanilla

Gluten Free Chocolate

Gluten Free Cookie Crumble

Gluten Free Sprinkle

Gluten Free Butterfinger

Gluten Free Snicker Doodle

Vegan Vanilla

Vegan Chocolate

Vegan Cookie Crumble

Vegan Sprinkle

Vegan Snicker Doodle

Sugar Free Vanilla

Sugar Free Chocolate

Sugar Free Sprinkle

Sugar Free Snicker Doodle

Each cake is uniquely designed...


Celebration cakes are created daily by our professional cake design team.  Whether you bring in your own picture or work with us to style a custom cake, we can create a dessert that will be the hit of your party both in design and taste.


We recommend placing your order at least two weeks in advance to assure availability. 

Dessert Cakes

Pretty Purple Cake
Pink Macaron Dessert Cake
Purple Birthday Dessert Cake
Designer Dessert Cake, Tastries
Pastel Rosette Rainbow Cake
Sprinkle Party Cake
Chocoalte Sprinkle Party Cake
Pink Dessert Cake, Tastries Bakery
Chocolate Dessert Cake
Snickerlicious Dessert Cake
Dessert Cakes in Bakersfield CA
Chocolate Ganache Drip Cake
Pink Drip Cake at Tastries Bakery
Beautiful Dessert Cake
Classic Cheesecake with Fresh Fruit
Pink Chocolate Dessert Cake
Yummy Oreo Cake
Oreo Dessert Cake
Refreshing Lemon dessert cake
Chocolate Lovers Dessert Cake
Designer Dessert Cakes, Tastries
Pumpkin Roll by the Slice
Flan Cake
Chocolate & Vanilla Floral Cake
Dessert Cake, Tastries Bakery
Happy Father's Day Cake
Happy Father's Day Cake
Golf Dessert Cake, Bakersfield CA
Fall Flowers Semi-Naked Cake
Fall Brush Strokes and Floral Dessert Cake
Autumn Flowers German Swiss Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Lovers Cake in Bakersfield
Salted Caramel Naked Cake
Macaron Dessert Cake, Tastries
Patriotic Dessert Cake, 4th of July
Pumpkin Spice Dessert Cake
Cute Frankenstien Dessert Cake
Designer Dessert Cake, Tastries
Halloween Spider Web Cake
Spiderweb Halloween Dessert Cake
Snowy Winter Dessert Cake, Tastries
Red Rosette Cake
Rudolph Cake, Tastries Bakery
Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Cakes
Christmas Dessert Cakes, Tastries
Blue Winter Dessert Cake, Tastries
Floral Drip Cake
Strawberry Dessert Cake
Heart Shaped Cake Topped with Fresh Berries
3D Bunny Dessert Cake
Easter Basket Dessert Cake

Chocolate Fudge 

Milk Chocolate

Creamy Vanilla

Lactose Free White Icing

Snicker Doodle


Zesty Lemon

Salted Caramel

Peanut Butter



Berry Raspberry

Bloomin' Blueberry

Creamy Cream Cheese

German Chocolate

Cookie Crumble

Fresh Berries when in season

Chocolate Ganache Drip

Colored Chocolate Drip 


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